My name is Monica and I am a student at L.G. Pinkston High School. Pinkston isn't that bad of a school like everyone makes it seem to be,quite frankly it's one of the best school I think I've gone to. I'm in National Honor Society and STEM Club (Science Technology Engineering and Math Club). I suck at spelling but get good grades and also used spell check so I hope everything is splled correct. I'm a total book nerd I love to read it's life, I don't think I can go too long without reading a book or some kind of literature, and I ask LOTS of questions, not really to get an answer but just to get another opinion or better outlook. Even if I know the answer I still ask the question anyway to get a different point of view of the answer, or if it's a question I know no one has the answer to like "Why would a teacher work to be a teacher if they hate kids for?" so rhetorical questions This class was really fun and I learned a lot and it was really a challenge to complete some assignemts,but i made it!